What started out as a dare has mushroomed into a international phenomenon. He has gained notoriety in his “approach” to bowling and has been featured on “Good Morning America”, “Jimmy Kimmel, Live” and Japanese TV show "Unbelievable!.” With the Guinness World Record of 278, an average of 204 and a card carrying PBA member, Jim is turning the world of bowling around... one shot at a time.

“I love the sport of bowling & turning around has changed my life as well as given me the opportunity to meet and make friends from all walks of life. From Bowlfest in Las Vegas to Trick shots in Tokyo and all the stops in between, Seeing the wonder from both children and adults when you make a shot they thought was impossible is both humbling and AWESOME!”

I spent years being so serious about my craft that I didn't want to even consider a trick shot. Boy was I wrong... Bob Learn once told me: "All great bowlers do trick shots."
I took that to heart.. now specializing in the improbable and basking in the glow of the seemingly impossible... I do trick shots!


Jim Cripps - Portrait
- A portrait photograph of Jim Cripps, holding his bowling ball, showing the Hammer brand logo on it.

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